High priced design firms breaking your budget? You
don't have to enlist a large agency to make your
advertising shine. I have the design expertise that your
business needs. I can customize your marketing to
serve your business' special needs. Large ad firms often
ignore their customer's needs to accomodate their own. I
can promise you that with my services, you will have
direct contact with myself as the actual designer. Thus,
you will avoid middle management hassles &
misunderstandings. Additionally, since I work
independently, I have little overhead. I pass those
savings along to my customers.

Still not convinced? Check out my samples. Furthermore,
I will design your first small project or logo for free. I
know that once you see what I can do, you'll be coming
back. My customer service and follow-through are
unmatched. Please visit my customer reviews page.
Gimme a try and find out why companies prefer my
service over large design firms.

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